Monday, August 16, 2010

Inverted Calligraphy Image

In an abstract calligraphy the calligraphy marks is given as it is, not supposed to bear specific meaning or objective, the image beside is the result of graphic inverted colour manipulation

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Abstract Calligraphy and Graffiti

Traditional Calligraphy
People say that Calligraphy is an art of scripting or writing script in a certain way as an effort to reveal the beauty of what is being written in the form of artistic letters.
As with Chinese or Arabic calligraphies as well, Traditional Western calligraphic scripting had  to follow very strict rules and accurate shapes. In term of quality the form of writing  artistic letter had its own up-down wide-thin rhythmic strokes and regular form to the letters, with a geometric order of the lines and shapes. Each character still has to be written in a precisely stroke order.

Abstract Calligraphy
By definition abstract is regarded as image which do not reflect visual reality, abstract calligraphy is a calligraphy artwork without strict or pricise character stroke order, a non objective calligraphy strokes or shapes. Abstract calligraphy existed in time as part of modern calligraphy which include variety ranges from functional hand-lettered scriptings and designs to kind of fine-art works where the abstract expression of the handwritten marks could be or couldn't be considered as having the format or legibility of the letters.

Generally in an abstract calligraphy the calligraphy marks is given as it is, not supposed to bear specific meaning or objective, the mixed or combination of the abstract marks strokes and shapes will make-up the so called abstract calligraphy, and if you could enjoy or feel a beauty in an abstract-calligraphy artwork then it is what art is all about.

Abstract calligraphy is an abstract drawing or abstract painting due to the drawing or painting is a non objective artwork, no intention of  drawing or painting an object beforehand, only the abstract drawing or painting is developed like the way a calligrapher does scripting.

Some simple steps in doing abstract calligraphy:
Step1. use graphic program to the make calligraphy strokes or splash of calligraphic marks
Step 2. Distort the image by selection of twisting, swirling, filling, polarizing, filtering or what ever distorting tools available in the graphic program
Step 3. See and feel the artistic result of the abstract calligraphy image after doing the distortion
Step 4. If you are satisfied with the results you are successful and completed, if you are not satisfied repeat step 2. till you are satisfied or completed

The following is a kind of abstract calligraphy image drawn with vector art graphic program.

Graffiti art is an image or scripting specific style letters painted or scratched on the wall or marked on a property piece. Usually graffiti painting existed in public property walls in the format like simple lettering  to express social and political messages or communicate controversy with a "tag" as an indicator, signature, name of the artist or gang related activity doing the graffiti artwork.

In Understanding Of Abstract Graffiti
Graffiti as an experimental art work can be expressed also on canvas or on another drawing or painting materials, abstract graffiti or experimental graffiti refer to the making of an abstract painting or drawing with the techniques used to make graffiti art work.

Abstract graffiti is an abstract painting where the abstract expression of the handwritten or graffiti marks maybe or maybe not have a meaning. For a simple understanding should you could enjoy your mood or feel emotionally attached to a beauty in an abstract graffiti artwork then an art is existed in it.

below is an example of abstract graffiti image done with vector graphic program