Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Abstract Calligraphy 'BLACK CURLY'

Black Curly Ver.1

Experimental abstract calligraphy ' Black Curly' done with "INKSCAPE" a free source vector graphic program

Free download image

Black Curly Ver.2

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tutorial : Make Simple Abstract Graffiti

Inverted image of simple abstract graffiti
People usually make a graffiti painting or drawing on walls with spray-paint such as pylox, but here are made using a graphics program INKSCAPE.

Graffiti artists usually have certain messages to be conveyed to the public through writing and drawing graffiti.

In order to draw a picture or writing graffiti images there are techniques that are unique and typical of graffiti images, such as graffiti style characters which are mostly bordered, bright and colorfull,  and graffiti images
with a clear border lines
Here the image of graffiti will be mixed with abstract background and the graffiti letters are also made semi-abstract. The messages delivered are 'GO GREEN' means make this world green to overcome global warming, 'GO VEG' means eat vegetarian or vegan diet, for most part of earth forests were cut cleared (to cultivate food farm for animals feeding) and if people stop eating meat the forests will be easily maintained, and 'SAVE OUR PLANET' means with this way we can overcome the damage to the Earth due to global warming and all animals were happy because no more massacre.
Step -1 
Download free graffiti letters (Reskagraf, Zit Graffit, Datatransfer etc..) from sites that offer free fonts download like dafonts.com, also download free 'dingbats' (such as Tattoo, CaliKat's Draws Path LT), ie clipart images that can be displayed by typing a specific letter.

Step 2 
Open a graphics program 'INKSCAPE' and then press the 'Create and edit text objects' and create wordings GO GREEN, GO VEG and SAVE OUR PLANET as in the example image. 

Still within the 'Create and edit text objects'  button, click on text  'SAVE OUR PLANET',   then click
the 'Select Font Family' screen and replace the font type with the font 'ReskaGraf'

Click 'Fill and Stroke' button and then click 'Stroke style' and set the stroke width to 20,000 px wide. Now click the 'Fill' button on the 'Fill and Stroke' screen and select the 'Flat color' button followed by clicking the 'Create and edit gradients' button select the color from the color screen, and set the gradient by moving the gradient handles, make trials and error to satisfy the colors arrangement.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Abstract Calligraphy Mystery Of N

Mystery Of N ver.1

Mystery Of N,  an experimental abstract calligraphy done with "Inkscape" free graphic program

Free download image

Mystery Of N ver. 2

Free download image

Abstract Calligraphy Purple Moon

Inverted image abstract calligraphy done with "Inkscape" a free source vector graphic program

Free download image

Non-inverted version image abstract calligraphy done with "Inkscape" a free source vector graphic program

Free download image