Artist Statement

Basically I am an abstract painter in the sense that I could not imagine how the final form of the painting I created, could be scratched, pop-art, calligraphic or decorative abstract. I do the painting in two steps, first make the design with watercolor on small paper, use cut and glue technique to make it works like collage or using computer with digital graphic editor before finally paint the design on canvas or paper.

I make abstract paintings from scratches of calligraphic marks or graffiti shapes at random which I used to do to fill the time passing by, I do not exactly make any plan to my paintings but mostly done with experimental result. Depending on the mood that occurs when the painting is created, at last I have to decide whether to let it as supposed to be, make a combination or mixed with other more realistic subject such as shape of a face, a figure or anything in order to produce a form of creative painting.

I wish a beauty exists in my paintings which can make emotional bond between the viewers and the paintings so that they will continually keep watching my paintings.

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